Blender mesh deformers distributors

Short demo overview of mesh deformers and distributors available in/for Blender 3D Free patches collection from video -


  1. SNAP TO FACES (edit mode snap) = project mesh on surface from view

  2. SHRINKWRAP (modifier) = projects mesh on closest surface point

  3. MIRROR+ARRAY+CURVE (modifiers) = muliply pattern and deform by curve

  4. SURFACE DEFORM (modifier) = control mesh deformation by other mesh

  5. MIFTH MIRA TOOLS (addon) - WRAP TOOL = project objects placements on base surface by UV

  6. TEXTOOLS - MESH TEXTURE (addon) = wrap patch to base by UV #

  7. TISSUE (addon) = generate surface by wrapping patch to shape of polygons of base

  8. DUPLICATION (default objects property) = spreads objects on base mesh geometry

  9. HAIRS+GROUPS (default particles) = spreads objects over base surface

  10. SURFACE FOLLOW (addon) = wrap patch to base by UV shapekey transformation

  11. SVERCHOK is a big deal!

  12. Easy Lattice addon (Mesh deformer helper)

  13. Join as shape for modified copy music: Solar Fields - New Eden (Mirrors edge ost)


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